A warm welcome to SJI and congratulations on being part of the Josephian Family. This Level Website will serve as a point of information on school and class matters. We may also at times use this site to gather data.

 We would like you to check this site regularly to be in touch with matters that relate to your son. We also welcome your kind feedback to help us improve our modes of communication. 

 Please email Head of Level 2 (HOL2 - 2015), Mr Joseph Edison Junior at josephe@sji.edu.sg if you have any pertinent matters to convey or wish to make enquiries. You may also contact your son's/ward's Class Tutors<CLICK HERE>.

 Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you the next two years.


Mr Joseph Edison Junior

Head of Level (HOL2) - 2015
Phone: 62500022 ext 201
Address: 21, Bishan Street 14, S-579781

Announcements & Updates
***NEW*** 2015 Sec2 Term 2 TimeTable, <CLICK HERE> as at 6th April 2015
( note different end times per class)

 (Time-Table Quick Legend : LSS = Lower Secondary Science, BDT = Business Design Thinking, CT=Class Tutor Period, RME=Religious and Moral Education, PSE= Personal and Social Education, TD1= Talent  Development Modules, Pull-Out= More details later)

Vacation Travel Plan   
(June 2015)

SJI Campus Redevelopment Updates

2015 Sec 2 Subject Outlines & Assessments

Sec 3 2016 ( O Levels Track) Subject Combinations

(17th April) Sec 3 2016 ( IP Level Track ) Subject Combinations

***NEW***Sec 2 PTM, 29th May 2015, 8-11am

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that the Secondary 2 Parent-Teacher Meeting for parents to meet up with the subject tutors will be held on 29 May (Friday) from 0800 - 1100.

If the subject tutor has selected your son/ward, you will receive an email on 
 May 2015 (
day) prompting you to choose the time you will like to meet the subject tutor.

The remaining slots will then be opened for booking online from 1
 May (
day), 1200 hrs to 2
 May (
, 1200 hrs  
to other parents who will like to make an appointment to meet the subject tutors. Kindly do so early to avoid any disappointment.  

To book a time slot, click <Parent Portal >  and login with Student's NRIC and DOB. You can book up to a maximum of 3 teachers. The system will send a confirmation email to parents on 25 May (Mon

You are also kindly requested to verify / update your contact details.

Due to time constraints, it is most regrettable that the teachers are unable to accede to every PTM request.  As such, parents who would like to contact the various subject tutor(s) are requested to contact the tutor(s) separately.

Thank you and have a blessed week ahead! 

Update on SJI Campus Redevelopment

We had previously updated that the upgrading of our Malcolm Road campus was delayed due to site constraints and the need to review the design to address these constraints and ensure that the upgraded facilities will meet the school’s future needs. We have worked with MOE to allow SJI to extend our stay at our holding site in Bishan until the Malcolm Road campus is ready.

The tender award process for upgrading works is in progress. We now estimate that works at Malcolm Road will be completed by mid-2017. We will have greater clarity on the completion timeline after the tender has been awarded. MOE has also provided assurance that SJI can stay at the existing holding site until then.

We seek your kind understanding and patience as we strive to ensure that the upgrading of the Malcolm Road campus will be completed as soon as possible. While we are at the Bishan holding site, please be assured that your child will still continue to enjoy a good educational experience, in line with our school’s mission and values.

For feedback, please write to us at campus_redevelopment@sji.edu.sg.

Lost & Found <CLICK HERE>

Theme for Sec1, 2014: Reading is Essential
Theme for Sec2, 2015: Conversations(Face 2 Face) over Communication



  • Inculcate habit of reading for pleasure. Most of our students do not read. A structure is needed to encourage them to sit and read silently.
  • Read to activate and reinforce other skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing)
  • Reading to become a better reader. Reading is a skill in itself. Reading skills include: skimming, scanning, predicting, and reading for detailed comprehension.
  • Read to develop critical thinking skills. Reading can provide opportunities to utilize and sharpen such skills.
  • Read for enjoyment.  Students should ideally discover not only the usefulness but also the pleasure of being able to read in a second language.


          TIME: 7.10am – 7.30am

          DAY: MONDAY (SEC 1)  & FRIDAY (SEC 2)

          PLACE: Amphitheatre; SIT AS PER ASSEMBLY

          WHAT TO BRING: A physical fiction or non-fiction book           (no magazine or newspaper)

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