08 Away/ Absent from School Matters

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Categories of Absence:

1. Unwell with MC
- Please furnish MC copy to Form Teacher, PE Teacher and Teachers that conducted tests on day of absence with MC, as MC is a requirement for absence on tests/exam days

1A. Unwell/injured in school during curriculum hours and/or medical appointment
- Parents/Guardians will be notified by a phone call to inform that boy will be asked to be taken home or leave for home on their own after go-ahead from parents. A Blue Form will be issued for record purposes and upon reaching home, parents are to sign the blue form portion that will be returned to Form teachers once back at school with MC( Test/Exam day)/ Parent Letter( Non-test/Non-Exam day)

2. Unwell without MC
- Parents letters will suffice via email or hand-written/typed-printed. This would not be applicable for absence on Tests/Exams days as per point No.1. On tests/exam days, MC is a minimum requirement.

3. Emergency leave for home/personal/family exigencies
- Due to the nature of emergencies, a quick email or phone call to school at 62500022, to inform/update of situation would suffice, and if boy is away for more than a day for this reason, homework and other notes will be helped to be complied and ready for collection from the General Office/Form Teacher/ Class Buddy on a daily basis from school or as arranged with the teachers/and or buddies. After the emergency period, a formal letter summarising the events of the emergency to be sent to Form Teachers and HOL for record purposes into the dossier.

4. Away from school for non-emergencies(short duration of a few days)
- A prior notice by email/handwritten/type-printed letter from parents to apply to school for notification of absence. Parents/Guardians are to note that absence will be at own prerogative and letter to school is openly for notification and record purposes and for filing into the dossier. No work/lessons/assignments will be collected and compiled by teachers/buddies. Students who will be away for this reason, must on their own link up with subject teachers on missed notes, if any. No repeat lessons will be conducted. No repeat tests/exams will be conducted. If any tests or exams were conducted during this leave, it will be awarded Zero(0).

5. Away from school for non-emergencies(more than a few days/ months) or actual formal LOA application - Approval Needed by Principal SJI only.
- A formal Leave of Absence(LOA) to applied via letter through Form Teachers and HOL to Principal SJI. If approved, a deposit of a specified sum determined by SJI Finance Office applies to keep/reserve the place for the boy from time of absence till end of that academic year. Any further extension has to applied near the end of the current LOA period to keep the place, if approved by Principal SJI.