88 **First Day Matters (4 Jan 2016)**

Please note that EZlink cards can still be used till the new cards are issued in early February 2016.

4th Jan 2016 

- First Day of School, Sec1s to meet in School Hall, in full school uniform, proper haircut, white shoes(shoelaced) and socks, school tie and bag packed with Week 1(Odd Week) Monday timetable(top line of timetable is ODD week, bottom line is for EVEN week)

- School Diary will be issued to all boys
- Class Timetable will be issued to all boys and posted online on level website
- Be prepared with lock and key at least from 5th Jan onwards(compulsory) to safe keep belongings and mobile phone among other file items and subject needs.

6th Jan 2016

-Submission of all forms to Form Tutors. Please indicate the class (i.e. MN10X), once you get your class allocation by then

7th Jan 2016

- Temperature Taking Exercise (Thermometers issued on Wednesday 6/1/2016)