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Kindly note that the Bring-YourOwn-Device (BYOD) Programme for Sec 1s will begin in Semester 2. Students will bring and use their personal computing device for learning and in the process help them develop the capacity to be self-directed and to engage in collaborative learning. The school endeavours to enable students 'learn how to learn, and to learn how to live' and look forward to working with parents to help the boys face these new challenges - to practise moderate control measures and develop his sense of self-regulation and self-discipline. For FAQ, click <here>

Have a Blessed Weekend ahead!  
Sec 1 Matters 
  1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) starts Term 3, 2016. 
    1. Letter to Parents & FAQ. < in progress...>
    2. Queries. Kindly email: Mr Angelo Anthony Agujo, Educational Technologist <angelo.agujo@sji.edu.sg>