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*New* 2017 Mid Year Exams Timetable

Sec 2 EL Oral

*New* Sec 3 Subject Combination Talk
21st April 2017

Sec 2 Term 1 Results Online:
Term 1 results released till 31 March 2017

Use the attached document to follow the steps needed to access:

Three important things:
1. Select the Parent/ Student radio button
2. Acknowledged by indicating the name of the guardian viewing the result. 
3. Write to sjihelpdesk@sji.edu.sg should they required assistance.

*New* Important dates for parents to take note and attend:

21st April 2017, Friday, 6pm, SJI LT3
Subject Combination Talk for O level Track

21st April 2017(same day), Friday, 6pm, SJI PAC or LT1
Subject Combination Talk for IP level Track

Compulsory for parents and students to attend

*New* 2017 Sec 2 Common Tests Schedule, Scope, Timings and Dates

*New* Replacement days for Lost Curriculum Time

7th Feb 2017, Tuesday to observe Friday(even week) timetable

2nd March 2017, Thursday to observe Friday(even week) timetable

Lessons based on even week Fridays but CCAs falling on those day will follow based on the day

*New* Our Appreciation - 27th Jan 2017


*New* 2017 Secondary 2 IP Booklist(click on the pic)


*New* 2017 Secondary 2 O Level Booklist(click on the pic)


*New* First Day reporting for Sec 2s - 2017 on 9th Jan 2017, Monday, 730am

Dismissal on 9th Jan 2017 is at 1210pm

- All Sec2s(2017) to meet at Malcolm Road campus canteen in full uniform, tie, badge proper haircut, socks and shoes. Timetable is up.

*New* 2016 ACE Camp Updates

Dear Sec1s and Parents,

Please note that with reference to school diary, the following Fraternities will be scheduled for ACE Camp:

Marcian MN and Fintan FN classes will go for ACE camp 1 as per in diary. 2nd Nov to 5th Nov 2016, both dates inclusive.

Lawrence LE and Michael ML classes will go for ACE camp 2 as per in diary. 7th Nov to 10th Nov 2016, both dates inclusive.

The dates stated in the school diary for the respective camps are confirmed.

Please note that ACE camp attendence is compulsory and attendance will be noted as part of the annual Profile of A Josephian we carry out for each Josephian as part of his overall journey and development.


Emergency Number after 5pm : 86476467, before 5 pm 62500022, ask for Mr. Jude Tan.

*New*Instruction Guide to View Results in SDMS - Term 3

Dear Parents and Sec1s,

Please read the attached for full instructions and steps to access.

For viewing the results:

Two gentle reminders:
1. Password is reset to NRIC
2. They need to select the radio button indicating "Parents".

The system will be opened at 3 pm, on 31st August 2016, Wednesday.


2016 Secondary School Subject Outlines & Assessments

*New* Supporting SJI @ Sports Hub 29th April 2016, 1pm - 6pm


Date: 29th April 2016, Friday, 1pm

Venue: Open Area at East Gate, Sports Hub, Gate 15

All boys to report in PE attire, small bag with water

All boys to have had lunch before lining up for attendance at venue

Boys attending Friday Prayers to meet Mr Edison at same venue at 2:30pm

For more updates, please watch this space and check your emails/twitter/telegram

Meeting Point, Evacuation Point and Dismissal Point

East Gate 15, Sports Hub, National Stadium
Sec1 seating, section 131
Sec3 IP seating, section 431, via Gate 16

All to meet at gate 15 at 1pm, 29th April 2016

Animal Circus

*New* SJI E-Learning Day 11th Mar 2016

*New* Dear Josephians,

You should have received e-mail instructions from your teachers regarding activities for E-Learning Day. 

If you are unsure which E-Learning tasks have been assigned to you, or which learning platform you need to access, kindly check the link below. The file contains a summary of the various E-learning platforms and activities assigned to your class for E-Learning Day.

Should you encounter any difficulties on E-Learning Day, please email Mr. Angelo Agujo angelo.agujo@sji.edu.sg or call him at 62500022 Ext 121.

SJI e-Learning System: http://elearn.sji.edu.sg 
Any queries please email Mr Angelo at angelo.agujo@sji.edu.sg 

ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT for the SJI e-Learning System

A student guide for activating your account is provided in this email. If you have difficulties accessing the SJI e-Learning System, please approach our system administrators in the Library Workroom to resolve your problem. This must be completed by 04 Mar 2016. You will likely experience access issues with the SJI e-Learning System if you do not activate your account by this deadline.

Please note that the Parent Orientation for Fintan and Lawrence Fraternities is held on the evening of 12th Jan 2015, 6pm in the School Hall. Parents of the other 2 Fraternities are not involved.

Parent Orientation for Marcian and Michael Fraternities is on the evening of 14th Jan 2015, 6pm, in the School Hall.
Parents of the other 2 Fraternities are not involved.

Version of info found in the Orientation Consent Letter, found below and given out during the Sec 1 Registration Briefing is accurate:


QR Code for easy link

Urgent & Important: Sec 1 Online Registration and Confirmation of Details
(Deadline : Still open)
Note: For class, enter NA

**All details to be entered completely, and if no data available, please enter Not Available. Data provided and confirmed by parents/guardians will be treated with strict confidence and secured. Thank you for your kind cooperation and patience in furnishing the information.

IMPORTANT Announcement

*New*  Ministry of Education Health Declaration Form to be completed and submitted with all forms on 6th Jan 2016


*New* Sec 1 Class Posting as at 31st Dec 2015, 145am
<LINK to View>

Traffic advisory
Due to limited parking spaces available within the school, parents who plan to drive are advised to park their cars at the public car parks at the Bishan Stadium, Bishan Sports Hall or Junction 8. We seek your kind understanding should you encounter any traffic congestion on that day.