01a New Students(2017)

92 NEW Students Admin Matters

Welcome to SJI!!

Take note of venue to purchase uniforms and shoes
Purchase of books, School Badge, PE Attire and School Tie can be done at SJI Bookshop

See below for links and info about uniform sizing and purchase venue
See below for additional documents for submission on first day of school

School Books, Badge(2x), PE Attire(3x) and School Tie from School Bookshop at Bishan Campus

All White shoelaced shoes with white socks

Submission ITEM 1: IMPORTANT:Online Portal for entering all registration details(once you have been informed it is ready by HOL):

All sections once entered must be saved. Please ensure you have completed all details. Deadline by 15th December 2016. Any difficulties, please email Mr Lee Ming Liang at lee.ming.liang@sji.edu.sg Mr Lee Zhi Hao  at zhlee@sji.edu.sg.edu.sg for assistance via email. Thank you.

Higher MTL Application Procedures

Queries, please email: winnieyap@sji.edu.sg

ADM/ISM Registration

Under construction.....

Booklist for Sec 2, 2017

See below for the file, at the end of the page.

Please note that the Sec 1 Level Website will rotate to http://sec2.sji.edu.sg by 1st of December 2016. Please access the correct site from then on. Between now till then, please keep yourselves updated with the preparations for Sec 2, 2017, with announcements as they are uploaded.

To check if you have received your new SJI Email account(if you have not been issued yet):

Please Email: Mr Lee Zhi Hao  at zhlee@sji.edu.sg.edu.sg
Do indicate your full name, Birth Cert Number and Date of  Birth

Things to submit on first day of school to HOL2, Mr Edison/ or Form Tutor on 9th Jan 2017:
On First Day of school, 9th Jan 2017, please meet outside general office, in full uniform and tie with bag and writing materials and folder for submission, at 715am( venue to be confirmed by checking back at http://sec2.sji.edu.sg )

1. Submit Documents, on first day of school 9th Jan 2017 to HOL 2, in a folder.( Items 1 - 3 as indicated, School Health Service, GIRO form, printout of online registration form with signature and 3 NRIC photos)

2. Email top 3 options in ranking order for CCA preference to Mr Tahir( include CCA assigned by current school and CCA given at Pri 5 and 6), by 15th December 2016

3. Complete online portal for registration data by 15th December 2016.

4. Payment of Fees (School fees and Misc fees) + Completed GIRO form to Ms Susanna Goh at General Office, as soon as possible

Email Contacts:
HOL(Head of Level) Email, Mr Joseph Edison Junior: 

CCA Queries, please email, Mr Mohd Tahir, Head CCA & PE: mohdtahir@sji.edu.sg

FAS(Financial Assistance Schemes) Queries, please email, Ms Chan Guet Har, Director, Student Affairs: chan.guet.har@sji.edu.sg

School Health Service - Dental Form

Submission ITEM 2 :Download, complete, sign and submit with all other documents in folder on first day of school on 9th Jan 2017

School Fee Matters

Schedule of GIRO Deductions & Cash/Cheque Collection Dates

GIRO Sample Form



Submission ITEM 3:Download, complete, sign and submit with all other documents in folder on first day of school on 9th Jan 2017

GIRO Notes and Explanations


School Uniform Purchase

United Uniforms Flyer - Sizing and Pricing


Optional Vendor for School Shoes

*Note that opening days and times will follow the dates and times of the bookshop.

Vendor Website:

Pricing, reliability, delivery are to be between parents and vendor. The school bears no responsibilities nor is linked to company. Parents are free to purchase white, shoelaced shoes meeting the school's specifications from any vendor. Must be fully white and to be worn with white socks.

Joseph Edison Junior (SJI),
Nov 21, 2016, 4:23 PM